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Majid Molki
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, Illinois 62026

DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2020.fnc.031576
pages 321-332


Viscous liquids falling onto a flat surface may experience flow instability and swirling motion. For a certain set of parameters, liquids such as raw honey, silicone oil, heavy syrup, and many other high-viscosity liquids exhibit swirling and coiling behavior. In this investigation, I have considered falling and swirling motion of wildflower honey dribbled from a certain height onto a surface. Honey is a non-Newtonian fluid whose rheological behavior is implemented by the power-law model. The computational approach used in this work is based on finite-volume and volume-of-fluid (VOF) methods. The model is unsteady and three dimensional. Computations performed with three samples of wildflower honey reveal flow instability and swirling motion as it lands on a hard surface. Several new observations such as the sense of rotation, the effect of honey samples on the swirls, the possible role of vorticity magnitude and components on the onset of swirls are presented and discussed.

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