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ISSN: 2379-1748
ISBN: 978-1-56700-430-4

On-Sun Performance of Photovoltaic Cells after High Temperature Thermal Cycling


Solar receivers utilizing both photovoltaic cells and thermal (PV/T) collectors jointly are presently being researched heavily as a means to fully utilize the solar spectrum, while providing lower-cost dispatchability through thermal storage. While hybrid (PV/T) collectors have been realized at low temperature, higher temperature operation has not been pursued due to degradation of cell performance and issues in cell encapsulation. As systems are pursued that operate both under concentration and at higher temperatures the performance of the cells and encapsulants need to be understood. Two different cells cells were encapsulated in a procedure where Qsil550 is the dielectric back layer and Qsil223 is the transmitting encapsulant. Individual cells and strings of 6 cells were tested on-sun for baseline performance at incoming fluxes from 1 to 14 suns. After baseline testing the coupons were thermally cycled, from 20-120C for 200 cycles, amp rates did not exceed 100C an hour, and each coupon had a minimum dwell time of 10 minutes at each end of the cycle. The coupons were then re-tested on-sun. Results are presented for cell and string efficiency as a function of concentration ratio and temperature.

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