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ISSN: 2379-1748
ISBN: 978-1-56700-430-4

Parametric study and CFD Analysis of Air Filter

D. A. Kamble
Department of Mechanical Engineering, PDEA's COE, Manjari, SPPU, Pune India


The objective of work is to analyze the fluid flow through the air filter with porous medium of four cylinder spark ignition engine by performing experimental and computational fluid dynamics analysis(CFD) for reducing pressure drop in air filters. CFD analysis will be performed using Ansys Fluent V14.5 using 2-D incompressible Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes equations. A standard round air filter (Mahle KFA0247496) is used for performing experimental analysis with all laboratory equipment's for calculating pressure drop(using differential pressure gauge) and studying velocity profile(using Dantec anemometer) and boundary conditions for 2- Dimensional simulation air filter element are set with some approximations based on experimental values. Thus in order to improve air filtration efficiency parametric optimization of air filters is done by varying parameters like width of filter element, eccentricity of air flow in filter, and thickness of filter element using ANSYS Workbench after model validation with experimental results. Moreover a comparison is being made between triangular and rectangular air filter element to find out their effects in pressure drop. Thus an optimized value of parameters is be found which further reduces pressure drop in air filter to improve air filtration efficiency and engine performance of a vehicle.

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