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Second Thermal and Fluids Engineering  Conference

ISSN: 2379-1748
ISBN: 978-1-56700-430-4

Metal-oxide based chemical looping for carbon dioxide capture and thermal energy storage: thermal transport and thermochemical conversion in single reacting particles


Metal-oxide based chemical looping via a carbonation–calcination reaction pair is a two-step thermochemical cycle proposed for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and high-temperature thermochemical energy storage: Carbonation: MeO + CO2 → MeCO3, Calcination: MeCO3 → MeO + CO2, where Me represents a metal. In the exothermic carbonation step, CO2 is absorbed from a sweep gas by the metal oxide (MeO) to form solid metal carbonate (MeCO3). CO2 concentration of the sweep gas in the carbonation step is selected according to the application: flue-gas like composition for CO2 capture or high-purity CO 2 for thermal energy storage. In the endothermic calcination step, MeCO3 is regenerated to solid MeO sorbent, and CO2 is released to high-purity CO2 sweep gas in both applications. Candidate sorbent materials considered in this work are oxides of calcium and strontium. A numerical model of transient thermal transport phenomena in a single, reacting sorbent particle was previously developed for calcium-oxide chemical looping (L. Yue and W. Lipinski. AIChE Journal, vol. 61, pp. 2647–2656, 2015). The model system is a single, porous particle undergoing thermochemical cycling in an idealized, reactor-like environment. Effects of particle size and operating conditions such as sweep gas composition and reaction temperature on transient particle reaction rate and conversion extent are determined numerically and validated experimentally. Transient temperature variation and weight change of single metal-oxide particles of various sizes are measured using thermocouples and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), respectively.

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