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Second Thermal and Fluids Engineering  Conference

ISSN: 2379-1748
ISBN: 978-1-56700-430-4

Mixed convection flow of Casson fluid over a stretching sheet with convective boundary conditions and Hall effect

M. Bilal Ashraf
Department of Mathematics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, 47040, Wah Cantt., Pakistan

Tasawar Hayat
Department of Mathematics, Quaid-I-Azam University 45320, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan; Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics (NAAM) Research Group, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21589, Saudi Arabia


This learning pact with the MHD flow of Casson fluid above a extending surface. Inspection is done in presence of Hall, mixed convection and thermal emission effects. The exploration is deliberated by using convective boundary circumstances. With similarity transformations equations are reduced in to interested equations. Results of the causing difficulties remain achieved. Possessions of the bodily constraints on the velocity, temperature and concentration outlines are evaluated and reflected. Mathematical values of skin resistance, local Nusselt and Sherwood quantities for different values of Casson fluid factor, mixed convection factor, Hall factor, Hartman digit, radiation factor and Biot quantities are calculated and examined.

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