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ISBN : 978-1-56700-472-4 (Flash Drive)

ISBN : 978-1-56700-481-6

4th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference
2019, 14–17 April , Las Vegas, NV, USA


DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.ens.028493
pages 585-593


A technology is presented to power an innovative vacuum technology with low-grade solar energy. In the new vacuum technology, a saturated steam of higher than ambient pressure is inserted into a condensation cylinder with two chambers, separated by a movable piston, to fill one chamber while expel gaseous content and condensate out of the other chamber. The steam is then condensed to a vacuum state by cooling. A sustained vacuum generation is achieved by repeated operations of inserting and condensing steam in each chamber alternatively. Solar thermal energy heats solar collector to generate the steam needed in vacuum system and solar panels generate electricity for operating circulating water pump and control devices. Initial energy analysis of the solar vacuum generation technology and a case study is conducted.