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ISSN Online: 2379-1748

ISBN Flash Drive: 978-1-56700-483-0

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4th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference
April, 14–17, 2019 , Las Vegas, NV, USA


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DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.mnt.028143


In this study, the photothermic characteristics of Fe3O4 nanofluid was investigated in order to improve the performance by improving thermal properties of working fluid of the direct absorption solar collector. The nanofluid were prepared with 20% ethylene glycol as base fluid, and the prepared nanofluid were 0.005 wt%, 0.01 wt%, 0.05 wt%, 0.1 wt% and 0.2 wt%. The thermal conductivity increased at all conditions but the thermal conductivity ratio of the nanofluid slightly decreased as the temperature increased from 20° C to 40° C and then increased again at 50° C. The improvement of thermal conductivity was the highest at 0.2wt% and its ratio was 1.051 when the temperature of nanofluid was 20° C. The permeability of the nanofluid decreased with increasing nanofluid concentration, and the transmittance of 300 nm to 1100 nm converged to almost 0 at 0.2 wt%. The Fe3O4 nanofluid was also found to be superior in light absorption in the visible light band.