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ISSN Online: 2379-1748

ISBN Flash Drive: 978-1-56700-483-0

ISBN Online: 978-1-56700-482-3

4th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference
April, 14–17, 2019 , Las Vegas, NV, USA

Table of Contents:

POLYMERIC HOLLOW FIBER HEAT TRANSFER SURFACES FOR SHELL AND TUBE APPLICATION Miroslav Raudensky, Tereza Brozova, Erik Bartuli pages 199-204 DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.che.027668
NUMERICAL MODELLING AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES ON A WIRE MESH HEAT EXCHANGER Kumar S Sunil , M P Neeraj , Kumar S Ajay , Johns Mathews pages 205-219 DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.che.027989
INLET FLOW MALDISTRIBUTION EFFECT ON THREE-FLUID CROSS-FLOW HEAT EXCHANGER ARRANGEMENTS Jyothiprakash KH, Y T Krishnegowda, K. N. Seetharamu pages 221-230 DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.che.028439
MODEL VALIDATION FOR LARGE EVAPORITIVE PLATE FRAME HEAT EXCHNAGERS John R. Simon III, Todd M. Bandhauer pages 231-234 DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.che.028122
VISUALISATION OF LARGE-SCALE HEAT EXCHANGER NETWORKS TO SUPPORT ENERGY RETROFIT Timothy Walmsley, Petar S. Varbanov, Nathan Lal, Jiří J. Klemeš pages 235-238 DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.che.028981
Local Optimum Channel Height for Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in the Herringbone Wavy Channel Hie-Chan Kang, Young Hyun Kang pages 239-244 DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2019.che.028512