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7th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC)
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May, 15-18, 2022 , Las Vegas, NV, USA


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DOI: 10.1615/TFEC2022.tfs.040802


The ladle furnace plays a critical role in the secondary steelmaking stage, where many processes take place in the ladle such as steel property and temperature homogenization, inclusion removal, degassing, and desulfurization. Although many research has been conducted to study these aspects, due to the complicated heat and mass transfer process inside the ladle, many details about the physical process are still not quite clear. For example, the efficacy of plug/injector designs in turbulent mixing of molten steel were not fully understood. Due to its complex three dimensional flow phenomena inside the ladle, previous two dimensional flow measurement of water ladle models provided little insight into understanding the three dimensional flow phenomenon of turbulent mixing. Therefore, to achieve a better understanding on the efficacy of plug/injector designs in turbulent mixing, we implemented an advanced volumetric flow measurement instrument of Shake-the-Box system to measure the three-dimensional flow field inside a water ladle model. Totally, three different plug/injector designs were tested under two different flow rates (8 LPM and 11.5 LPM) of gas injection within a volumetric flow measurement region of 4.8 cm × 4.8 cm × 2.4 cm. The flow measurement results suggest the double slits injector produces the highest turbulence kinetic energy comparing the three injectors.